Pressing Services

Basement Comics has some Pressing Business for you!

If you value the appearance of your paper collectibles, wait'll you see what basement comics can do for you!

What is pressing?
Pressing is the application of pressure and other techniques to improve the overall appearance, collectability, and saleability of a comic or magazine.  Defects that can be reduced or eliminated entirely include: dents caused by a reader's finger and fingernails; bends and creases that do not break the cover's color, spine roll due to storage, reading, or simple aging; warping and waving caused by moisture (this can cause an appearance that looks like a ripple-cut potato chip).

Why do it to comics?
For all the obvious reasons: to improve the overall appearance by eliminating or reducing damage and defects and to increase its saleability.

What NOT to press

  • No comics or magazines with black mold anywhere on the covers or interior pages
  • No comics or magazines with brittle or loose pages

Who we are
Basement Comics has been in existence since 1991 but Albert Stoltz, its co-founder and current president, has been in the business of buying, selling, and collecting comics since the early 1970's.  Albert is a recognized authority in the comic book and paper collectibles market and has been an advisor to the Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide for over ten years.  From his office and warehouse in Edgewood, Maryland, he and his staff maintain the on-line Basement Comics presense (look for his virtual stores on eBay and Amazon) and prepare for shows all around the country.

To say that Albert has an interest in the preservation of paper collectibles is an understatement.  He's devoted years consulting with experts around the country and delving into the secrets of comic and magazine pressing and restoration.  It wasn't until he'd applied his newly-acquired knowledge to thousands of books from his own inventory to perfect his own technique that he decided to offer this unique service to the interested comic collector and retailer.

The Cost
$10.00 per comic or magazine, regardless of value.

The current turnaround time is 15 business days and will be adjusted shorter or longer as needed by Basement Comics.  Pressing due to travel by us for shows, or if a book(s) needs a second pressing to further enhance its finished appearance.  Albert is not satisfied until he's certain that you will be!

We will ship your pressed items to the grading company of your choice (you will need to provide the proper paperwork!).

A charge of $9.00 for packing materials and handling is added per order for shipping of pressed books back to you or to a grading company.

Some Samples of Basement Comic's Restoration Work: